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The mission of Yoga for Two is to provide exceptional prenatal and postnatal yoga, fertility yoga and interactive partner birth workshops as well as childbirth education opportunities for woman and their families in the childbearing years.  In addition, we now have baby massage workshop series and offer pregnancy & postnatal massage consultation/sessions at your home.

Pregnancy Yoga

Prenatal yoga helps you centre yourself through postures (asana), breathing practices (pranayama) and conscious relaxation (yoga nidra). Your teacher will provide a wealth of information about the physiology and the experience of being pregnant. The pregnancy yoga classes also provide a safe and supportive space to connect with other pregnant women.

Yoga for Fertilitypregnant-standing-doing-yoga

Yoga for fertility is a safe gentle practice inspired by Hatha yoga with a focus on deep relaxation, guided visualisation and breathing to trigger the relaxation response. Fertility yoga classes at ‘Yoga for Two’ include gentle and dynamic movements that will stretch and strengthen your body, and are safe to practice at any time during your treatment. The deep relaxation practices that are used in the fertility yoga class may help reduce stress levels.

The link between infertility and stress are complex and not fully understood but cortisol, the so-called stress hormone, can interfere with ovulation. Lowering stress levels and having a positive mood and outlook can increase the odds that fertility treatments will work.

Baby Massage

Massaging your baby can be a relaxing, bonding time for you and your little one. Infant massage helps foster a healthy self esteem and increases bonding between parents and their babies. The baby massage workshop at ‘Yoga for Two’ is also a nice way for mums to meet and connect with other mums in the area.

Mums and Bubs

Our postnatal classes help smooth the transition into mother hood, help you connect with your baby through massage and help you reclaim your post pregnancy body.

Interactive Birth Workshop

Our partner workshops help couples prepare for the birth of their babies using yoga postures, the breath, visualisations and relaxation techniques. We provide additional educational resources to empower both pregnant women and their families.

Pregnancy and Postnatal massage

‘Yoga for Two’ offers both pregnancy and postnatal massage. While a woman is pregnant her body undergoes numerous changes physically as well as physiologically and spiritually. The physical changes can cause stress and discomfort to the mother. Pregnancy massage is a wonderful way to help alleviate many of these discomforts as well as promote a sense of wellbeing.

The postnatal massage may help relieve tight and restrictive muscles from the hard work and intensity of birthing your baby. Postnatal massage soon after the birth of your baby can aid recovery by increasing your circulation and cleansing toxins like lactic acid from your muscles. Postnatal massage aims to soothe both body and mind and to help with your birth recovery both physically and emotionally.

“The mind of the beginner is empty, free of the habits of the expert, ready to accept,
to doubt, and open to all the possibilities.”


Richard Baker from introduction to Zen mind,
Beginner’s Mind by Shunryo Suzuki

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