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Baby massage is a beautiful gift for parents, aiding them in their own gift for their young children – caring touch. It is a lovely way to bond with your new baby especially for parents who often don’t have much spare time due to work commitments.

A demonstration of baby massage will be done, giving mothers a time to ask questions and share with one another.

Mums will learn techniques for soothing their babies and the benefits of massage such as aiding baby’s digestion, promoting healthy lung function and encouraging restful sleep.

Mothers will learn to identify more of their baby’s communication cues while meeting and sharing experiences with other new mothers.

The course will run over 4 weeks to allow baby to get used to the feelings of massage without being overstimulated.  Each week we will massage different areas of the baby’s body, building confidence and helping babies have a positive association with massage

Timetable, Fees and Booking Details

Workshop Sessions:

Session 1

  • Safe positioning of baby and asking permission.
  • Benefits of infant massage and appropriate oils to use on babies.
  • Strokes and points for legs and buttocks.
  • Recognising baby signals in regards to when they don’t want a massage.

Session 2

  • Recognising baby’s daily cycle and best time to massage and discussion on crying.
  • Strokes and points for the abdomen and chest.
  • The importance of a relaxed parent during massage.

Session 3

  • Developing massage strokes to suit your growing child
  • Strokes and points for the face, arms and back
  • Contraindication (when not to massage baby)

Session 4

  • Discussion on colic.
  • Strokes and points to prevent/relieve colic
  • Exercises to keep baby flexible and assist lymphatic drainage
  • Review of full massage and a note on nutrition.

Timetable, Fees and Booking Details

“It is through our hands that we speak to the child, that we communicate.  Touch is the child’s first language. Understanding comes long after feeling”

– Frederick Leboyer, MD & Author.

Baby Massage - Yoga for Two

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