Mums and Bubs (Postnatal) Yoga

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Postnatal yoga classes

Postnatel Yoga | Yoga for TwoRestore your body

The postnatal class is a supportive community for new mums and babies. Postnatal yoga classes help woman regain strength and energy after the birth of their babies. Classes are designed to help regain this strength in the abdomen, pelvic region and back that may have been lost during pregnancy. The class focuses on postures that restore alignment and tone and provide relief from lifting, carrying and nursing your baby. Mums and Bubs yoga focuses on strengthening the emotional, physical and spiritual bond between the mother and child. The class is ideal for mums and babies between the ages of 6weeks to crawling. It is recommended that you wait a bit longer if you have had a caesarean.

Rejuvenate your mind.

After the birth of your baby you may feel very tired and overwhelmed. Post natal yoga will help you relax and will replenish your energy. This relaxed state is one of vibrant and alert harmony. Pranayama (Breath work) helps calm the nervous system and brings about a state of meditation. A harmonizing and clarifying of our mental processes.

A Social Network

The Mums and Bubs yoga class gives you the opportunity to meet other mums. The class will give you the opportunity to share stories, talk over problems, or just a chance to get out of the house with your new baby. Tea and cake are served after the class with plenty of time to chat and socialise. Baby massage is included in the class which provides parents with a valuable tool to help sooth and calm their babies. We will sing lullabies and play music for our babies. Mums and Bubs yoga will help you transition through those first very busy months of your baby’s life. Topics for discussion may include;

  • Breastfeeding concerns
  • Newborn care, why is my baby crying?
  • Settling your baby
  • and more …

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“Yoga is a light once lit will never dim. The more you practice the brighter the flame will shine”  B.K.S.Iyengar.

Mum and Bubs Postnatal - Yoga for Two

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