Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage

Yoga for Two offers pregnancy massage, postnatal massage and massage for labour in greater Brisbane.

Pregnancy massage can be used as a powerful tool to help you connect with baby in the womb. It can help relieve muscular discomfort associated with your changing body such as back, neck and hip tightness.

Pregnancy massage can also ease headaches, aid in the reduction of swollen feet and legs and help relieve depression and anxiety caused by hormonal changes. Massage increases circulation and helps bring more oxygen and nutrients to the cells of both mother and baby.

Massage for Labour

Massage for labour stimulates the body to release endorphins (natural pain relief). Endorphins are responsible for that ‘feel good’ factor.

Massage in labour has been shown to ease pain and reduce anxiety in the first stage of labour. It is linked with shorter labour and a lower risk of developing postnatal depression.

Postnatal Massage

Post natal massage in Brisbane is a lovely gift after the birth of your baby. It is the best way to care for yourself and your baby after birth. Postnatal massage addresses physical discomforts as well as your emotional state. It is a wonderful way to recuperate after childbirth and ease into mother hood.

Birthing our babies can be very strenuous work and the muscles of the back and neck can continue to be tight and sore for quite some time. After the birth, carrying our babies around and sitting in the feeding position for long periods of time can also create tight and stained muscles of the neck and upper back.

Postnatal Massage helps relieve sore muscles and provides a deep state of relaxation thus assisting in the let down of your milk if you are breastfeeding.

Massage packages

Location: Within the comfort of your own home (We come to you)

Pregnancy massage

– 60 minutes – $100.00

– 2 x 60 minutes  – $190.00*

– 3 x 60 minutes  – $270.00*

Postnatal massage

– 60 minutes – $100.00

– 2 x 60 minutes  – $190.00*

– 3 x 60 minutes  – $270.00*

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Yoga For Two - Pregnancy Massage
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