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Being pregnant is for most women an exciting time where both your body and emotions will go through a lot of changes over the next few months. Our classes will help you adapt and prepare yourself for this journey. Yoga for pregnancy has the same postures and breathing exercises found in general yoga but is practised in a different way. It is designed specifically with the needs of the pregnant woman in mind. Postures are modified to suit the needs of the growing baby.

Pregnancy is a transitional time for women and just a brief moment in your lifetime. It is a time to nurture yourself and your growing baby snuggled inside your womb. Pregnancy yoga allows you time to prepare for birth and to celebrate the expected arrival of your new baby. Yoga gives you the space to reflect on the constant transformation that is taking place in yourself and to be amazed and in awe at the new life developing within you. Pregnancy yoga is about honouring these changes in ourselves and our babies.

Each and every woman has inside her an innate wisdom that intuitively knows and understands the natural way to birth her baby. This is what conscious birthing is about. Practising the different aspects of yoga allows you to reconnect with this wisdom in a safe and peaceful environment. You will feel well in your body and more relaxed in your emotions and you will begin to feel more present in each and every moment. You will start to look forward to time alone and at peace with yourself and with your baby.

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“What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Benefits of pregnancy Yoga


The Postures: ASANAS

The postures recommended are always gentle and generally easy to do; most of the postures can be modified to suit your level of flexibility and stage of pregnancy. Your yoga practice will help improve your circulation, exercise your spine, aid in your digestion and strengthen your uterus and pelvic muscles. Yoga can also help relieve varicose veins, back pain, sciatica, constipation, nausea and swelling. Circulation is increased to all areas of the body and an enriched blood supply, combined with greater oxygen utilisation, has an overall nourishing effect.

When a posture is held, always be conscious of your breathing, how your body feels and where your thoughts are taking you, so that the posture is always safe and centring. When using complete body breathe and mind awareness you are fully conscious of the moment and can observe the uniqueness of your whole body mind and soul. Present moment awareness means you have insight and clarity, confidence, strength and courage. All qualities a birthing woman has deep within her and needs knowledge of.

The Breathing Exercises: PRANAYAMA

Breathing lies at the very heart of your yoga practice. To practice yoga without awareness of the breath would leave your yoga practice lifeless and with little energy. Knowing how to breathe and breathe well is to breathe consciously and birth consciously. With regular practice this awareness will grow and you will begin to feel expansive and alive. You will feel more space and lightness in your body. When you become aware of your breath the postures become easier to do. Traditional yogic breathing exercises are practiced each class to benefit the health of the whole person and to facilitate empowerment during the birth of your baby.

Meditation and deep relaxation: DHYANA and YOGA NIDRA

Meditation and relaxation are just as important as postures and breathing exercises. These gentle practices allow you time for inner reflection and quiet contemplation. Conscious birthing is about knowledge of breathing and the ability to relax deeply. These tools are what will help you most in labour. Staying relaxed will have a significant influence on how your labour progresses. Relaxation techniques will empower you, calm you and give you confidence which will then encourage you to have trust in yourself and to surrender to the birth process. Meditation practice is a special part of the class which takes you to a quiet peaceful place within yourself and an opportunity to be with your baby and to feel that bond growing between you both. When you are relaxed the baby will also be relaxed.

The pregnancy yoga class provides a community for pregnant woman to freely discuss any issues or concerns that may arise concerning pregnancy birth and beyond. We finish our yoga practice with refreshments and a special time of sharing and birth education.


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“When you deeply accept the moment as it is, no matter what form it takes, you are still, you are at peace.” Eckhart Tolle

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