To My Sweet Baby

baby-in-bellyTo My Sweet Baby

I trust your wisdom; I have faith that you know better than any of us earthside.

I know the veil is so thin for you that you are connected to the truth.

I will not interfere with that pureness.

I will only have patience trust and faith.

I know the discomfort I am feeling is only physical. I know it will not last. I know that it will vanish the moment you are in my arms.

I will only feel the ecstasy of birthing you and giving you life.

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Delayed Cord Clamping

To all the lovely yoga mums, hello and welcome to jen’s blog.

Following on from our discussions last Wednesday evening with Meg about placenta’s I thought we could explore a simplistic look at how women have birthed their babies and placenta’s since time immemorial…

I like to think of a cave women giving birth. Once her baby is out, she and her birth attendants would pick the baby up and put him to the mums breast. The mumma would cuddle her baby and keep him warm. All the attending birth assistants would smile and enjoy the beautiful scene. Then at some point the umbilical cord would be cut, possibly using a sharp rock.

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Pain in Labour: Your hormones are your helpers

The altered shape of the pelvis and birth outlet that is caused by our upright stance; our babies need to twist and turn to navigate these unique bends. Even our nearest cousins, the great apes, have a near-straight birth canal.

However, in every other way, human birth is like that of other mammals — those animals that suckle their young — and involves the same hormones: the body’s chemical messengers. These hormones, which originate in the deepest and oldest parts of our brain, cause the physical processes of labour and birth, as well as exerting a powerful influence on our emotions and behaviour.

Researchers such as French surgeon and natural birth pioneer Michel Odent believe that if we can be more respectful of our mammalian roots, and the hormones that we share, we can have more chance of a straightforward birth ourselves.

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