10 ways to Spoil a New Mum

1 Make some home cooked meals and drop them off at your friend’s house for her to freeze and have as needed blue-woman
2 Find out if there is a local play group in the neighbourhood, or a mothers group that your friend could join.
3 Next time you visit your friend, toss in a load of washing and do some of her ironing.
4 Offer to take care of her older children, to give her a break for a couple of hours.
5 Rent out some movies for her to watch at home.
6 Call your friend next time you’re heading out to the shops to see if you can get anything for her.
7 Plan a ‘mummy shower’ after the birth and suggest gifts like a massage or spa.
8 Take her basket of yummy food like fruits cheeses and nuts.
9 Remind your friend often that she doesn’t need to be the perfect mum. Perhaps invest in a humorous book or two about motherhood.
10 Mother the new mother. Run her a bath, remind her to rest, rub her feet, and paint her nails.
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