To My Sweet Baby

baby-in-bellyTo My Sweet Baby

I trust your wisdom; I have faith that you know better than any of us earthside.

I know the veil is so thin for you that you are connected to the truth.

I will not interfere with that pureness.

I will only have patience trust and faith.

I know the discomfort I am feeling is only physical. I know it will not last. I know that it will vanish the moment you are in my arms.

I will only feel the ecstasy of birthing you and giving you life.

I am in awe with every tightening I feel in my belly. It reminds me that my body and you sweet little one, will work in perfect unison so that we’ll soon meet.

I welcome the physical change with anticipation and excitement.

I will give birth without fear, for myself and for all the other women who come after me.

I will give birth with power, to give women who birth after me hope and strength to pull from.

Birth is safe, as safe as life can be.

I will trust in it

And bring you sweet baby into this world with confidence, love and courage.

No matter how weak or tired I feel I know my body is strong and my uterus powerful.

I wait, in anticipation to it tightening, squeezing and pushing you my baby earthside.

I am honored to be part of this process.

I cannot wait to hold you, smell you, and feel the glory of birth.

That moment is irreplaceable and I yearn to feel the empowering triumph of birthing without fear.


Originally published at Massage for Mums – Aug 8 2014


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