Yoga for Fertility

Yoga for two offers an exciting new yoga program specifically created to help couples conceive.

You will be guided through a series of physical poses, visualisations, breathe work and relaxation techniques which have been taught by traditional healers for thousands of years to enhance fertility.

The practice of yoga helps us to enhance mental clarity, balance emotions, and heal the body from the inside out.  The practices of Yoga for Two yoga will help balance your moon (menstrual) cycle, enhance feminine energy, and decrease stress levels within your body which in turn will increase your ability to conceive.

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How yoga helps with fertility.

How can Fertility yoga classes help with fertility and increase your chances of conceiving naturally or with assisted fertility methods?

Women are turning to yoga to help them conceive using the ancient practice of yoga.

A fertility yoga practice may help in the following ways:

  • By relaxing the body and mind and by deepening and controlling the breath
  • By increasing the flexibility of the hips, groin, lower back, chest and shoulders
  • By increasing energy levels
  • By increasing blood flow to the vital organs of reproduction.


The relaxation techniques practiced at fertility yoga classes Ipswich/Brisbane can help detoxify and calm the body, stimulate energy and support the reproductive system.

Reduce Stress

Yoga, when used as part of a natural fertility management program, can help us become aware of how we create and store stress and tension in our physical bodies. By becoming aware of these patterns of stress we can begin to eliminate the factors in our lives that are causing the stress.

In the Ipswich/Brisbane fertility yoga classes, a restorative approach is used with the primary tool for reducing stress being our breath. Stress often comes with a whole bunch of symptoms like racing heart, sweating palms and a sick feeling in our stomachs. Once we learn to take conscious, deep breaths in moments of stress, we can learn to control these symptoms and breathe slowly and calmly no matter what comes our way.

Preconception Care

Preconception care includes fertility Yoga poses that help stretch and strengthen the physical body and can help increase fertility by increasing blood flow to the pelvic area thus delivering more oxygen, nourishment and hormones to the reproductive organs, including the uterus and ovaries.

Undergoing IVF

For women undergoing IVF, the yoga poses can help release emotional tensions and toxins that may have built up over many years. It is believed that our cells have a memory of all past experiences. These memories can be stored deep within the physical body. Practising yoga in a fertility yoga class can help release these stored emotions, assisting in our feelings of overall wellness.

Timetable, Fees and Booking Details

“What you are,  is what you have been.  What you’ll be,  is what you do now …”

– Buddha

Yoga for Fertility - Yoga for Two

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